Media's Influence in Home Improvement

Consumers rely on the media for information and inspiration for home improvement projects. 

From traditional advertising in magazines and on the radio to modern social media channels, blogs, and websites, consumers turn to the media for many home improvement-related needs. Like many other aspects of society, media has changed over the years, transitioning from newspapers and radio to social media and the internet.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family were the top source for project planning information in 2011. Websites eclipsed friends and family sources with a subtle 3 percent growth between 2011 and 2017, making the internet the top source for project planning information. But when it comes time to gather inspiration for projects, nearly 30 percent of consumers are still more likely to visit a home improvement retailers’ store for ideas compared to 18 percent of consumers who would browse the website instead.

Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are leaders in the social media landscape for home improvement needs. For everything from leisurely browsing and watching how-to videos to reading product reviews and comparing prices, social media channels are diverse enough to have something of interest and value for every home improvement consumer. The ability to access inspiration, instructions, and advice from real people is a leading factor in using social media to fulfill home improvement needs.

Learn more about how the media’s role in home improvement has changed over time and what to expect in years to come in the infographic below. Unlimited access to significant home improvement research is available to HIRI members. Join Now

HIRI Media's Role in HI infographic


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