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Why, What and How: Consumer Online Shopping Behaviors

Online consumer purchasing habits can’t be evaluated without mentioning the mammoth in room: Amazon. The online retailer has fundamentally changed consumer expectations about how much shipping should cost (free) and how long it should take to arrive after purchase (less than one week). Perhaps most importantly, 33% of consumers indicate Amazon has better prices, helping the retailer hold onto its top spot in the online home improvement products market.

However, while online shopping is undoubtedly a powerful economic force, only 8% of consumers are making their home improvement purchases exclusively online, while 50% remain committed to store purchases. Interestingly, average spending remains higher for in-store purchasers versus online shoppers. This trend is likely to change as younger generations, who have come of age in a digital-first landscape, get older.

This year, the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) sought to dig deeper into the online buyer with its Online Home Improvement Products Purchaser report.

Study Highlights
The research team surveyed 2,295 U.S. adults over a 13-day period during the summer of 2019, illuminating answers to the following big questions:

  • What drives online consumers to move their home improvement purchases online?
  • What process do consumers follow when purchasing products online?
  • What barriers must home improvement retailers overcome in order to grow their e-commerce business?

For full access to the Online Home Improvement Products Purchaser report and other proprietary research, join HIRI. 

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