Belonging to HIRI: Our Top 8 FAQs Answered

As the only non-profit organization dedicated to home improvement research, we aim to provide our members with fundamental home improvement needed to make the best decisions for their businesses. That’s why we want to be able to answer all the questions both our members and potential members may have about membership. We want to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible. 

We’ve created this resource with the aim to do just that. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you get started. If you have a question that’s not covered in this resource, please let us know so we can better serve our current and future members. 

1.   Why Should I Join HIRI?

As a member you receive exclusive access to fundamental home improvement information about projects, products, channel and overall market dynamics.  Research spans the Homeowner and Contractor customer.  This comes at a fraction of the cost of doing the research on your own because HIRI members share those costs.  You get raw data, reports and executive summaries to help your product, channel, marketing and sales teams.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers, small and large, belong to HIRI.  As a member you will have access to the same industry information that your partners and competitors have been using for years.  You will also have opportunities to network and interact with other HIRI members be it for sharing ideas or establishing new relationships.

2.   What Do I Get As a HIRI Member?

Our members have access to an extensive array of benefits, which include but not limited to:

  • Access to exclusive research on home improvement project and product trends
  • Channels to market dynamics involving DIYers and contractors
  • Extensive network leveraging
  • Full-time support staff dedicated to supporting our HIRI members locate specific research topics and data, among other support offerings
  • HIRI’s annual Industry Insights Summit that brings together some of the leading organizations and brightest minds in the industry (more information below)
  • Networking and learning opportunities

For more information on membership benefits, click here

3.   Who Can Access the Research?

Our research is for members only. All of our members have access to all of our current and past research the moment they become members, which is a culmination that results in roughly over $850,000 worth of research, plus access to new research conducted each year.  Online access to all HIRI research is available to several staff within your organization.

4.   What Kind of Data Do I Get Access to By Becoming a Member?

HIRI provides secondary research focused on the home improvement industry targeting three areas:

  • Channel
  • Product/Project
  • Market

HIRI research spans the DIY and contractor customer.  Members receive all raw data, reports and executive summary.  This research is designed to provide a holistic view of the home improvement market.

Along with this, our members have full, immediate access to summary reports in PowerPoint, including executive summary infographics and study-specific webinars

5.   How Much Does a HIRI Membership Cost?

HIRI has two membership tiers, both of which include full, immediate access to ongoing and exclusive home improvement research. The first tier is for industry members, for those directly related to the home improvement industry such as manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, publishers, financial and service providers to use the research internally, and the second tier is for affiliate members, which includes marketing agencies, research agencies and consulting firms who use the research for their clients. HIRI has memberships for industry members starting at 12K per year. Affiliate partners should contact to work on a membership quote.

6.   Who Else Is a Member?

HIRI members are as diverse as our offerings. With over 80 active company memberships (resulting in ~1,500 individual members), our members include industry manufacturers, suppliers, publishers, technology firms and financial institutions, associations and other home improvement service industry professionals. All our members are leading home improvement professionals who either use or provide leading home improvement brands. 

Because of our extensive and diverse industry membership roster, we also offer leading networking leverage as part of our membership benefits. For more information on our extensive member list, click here

7.   How Do I Access the Information?

As a HIRI member, all of our research data, summary reports and webinars are 100 percent accessible online, anytime. This means that in a pinch, our members can access crucial information when they need it the most, whether that’s while heading into a presentation or internal meeting. All our research information and tools are there to support our members. 

Once our members register, they are provided with login information that gives immediate access to all research. Plus, our full-time support team is ready on standby for any questions or difficulties our members may have while accessing our information. We invite all questions!

8.   What Is HIRI’s annual Industry Insights Summit?

HIRI’s Home Improvement Summit is an annual, industry-leading summit that brings together some of the brightest minds and leading organizations in the industry, providing the latest research-based information to help understand market drivers, foreshadowing and planning, and product, service and innovation strategies. 

This Summit is an educational event that includes speakers and breakout workshops. 

For the upcoming 2020 Summit, we will be offering the event virtually. Contact us with questions. 

Ready to Become a Member?

Reading to get started with a membership? Great! We are here to help streamline the process and help you gain immediate access to our plethora of resources. 

Contact us today with any questions on becoming a member. We also offer a useful monthly newsletter with all the latest information. 

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